Completed projects

Projects implemented in the early years of our company. ased on these experiences, we have designed dedicated expert systems.

  • “ASTER” adaptive-control system, implemented in the Nitrogen Plants in Tarnów and Puławy,
  • Computer system for the control of stress in thick-walled high-pressure modules in boilers, which has been implemented by the Skawina Power Plant and in the “KOGENERACJA S.A.” Wrocław Cluster of Heat Power Plants (in cooperation with the Cracow University of Technology and the STERNET Company),
  • Concept of pressure monitoring in mechanized-cabinet stands (commissioned by the DIRK OTTO HENNLICH Centre of Hydraulics, LLC),
  • “MINER” mine-wall automatic monitoring system (commissioned by the ELSTA LLC),
  • Several minor projects contributing to the cooperation between the Cracow University of Technology and various industrial companies.