About us

Our firm was founded in 1989 by a group of people associated with the then state-owned PETROINFORM company, which was one of Poland’s largest computing centres working for the country’s industry. Among the founders were: the first chairman, the late Lucjan Wiaderek, and the current chairman, Adam Sury. The company, then known as the Przedsiębiorstwo Komputerowych Systemów Sterowania ‘PETROSTER’ (PETROSTER Computer Control Systems Company), operated until 2002. It is then that we changed the name of the company into the INFOSTER sp. z o.o. under which we have been operating until today. Originally closely linked with the Rafineria Gdańska (Gdańsk Rafinery), later with the LOTOS S.A. Group and currently with the Rafineria Gdańska sp. z o.o. , we have created the Bilans, a dedicated system for balancing energy media, which has been in operation until today, as well as the Aster, an innovative adaptive control system.

Key dates

Start: 1989
Founding of the company under the original name of PETROSTER. Its goal was to develop a production balancing system for the Gdańskie Zakłady Rafineryjne (Rafineria Gdańska sp. z o.o.) and to carry . . .
First big modification
First major modification of the Bilans expert system for the Rafineria Gdańska S.A.
Change of name
Change of the company’s name into the INFOSTER sp. z o.o.